NYC Living Is…

A participant in the Village Halloween Parade waits to ride the subway after the parade in the Manhattan borough of New York

Seeing a murder on your block as both a tragedy and a way to keep your rent low.


Planning your day around the availability of bathrooms.


Wearing headphones on full blast because that’s healthier than hearing sirens and subway screeches.


Wondering if the people on your train car could survive the apocalypse together if it happened above ground during your commute.


Realizing that no matter how unpopular you were in high school that you were still more liked than the volunteers with clipboards.


Buying Infinite Jest and realizing you’re part of the gentrification problem.


Getting mildly upset when the person you’re flirting with actually wants to come back to your place because it’s a 45-minute commute.


You spend sunny days inside because you know there will be just way too many other people outside trying to enjoy the day.


You start measuring money in drinks.


You judge the strength of friendships based on how many floors you’re willing to walk up to reach their apartment.